Originally titled ‘Six Tracks’, this collection was only available on the former thesilencebureau.org (now defunct) website.  This edition is remastered and contains an extra track from the same time period. Free download and streaming at the link below.



‘To Name Is To Destroy’ (2019 Reissue)

We are proud to announce the remastered reissue of ‘To Name Is To Destroy’. Originally released in 2008 by the Intelligent Machinery netlabel, this reissue includes the addition of a newly discovered track created during the same era.

Remastered in the Summer of 2019 at The Funhaus.

‘To Name Is To Destroy’ explores the boundaries between art and noise, between sound and its manipulation, and between the linear and the digital.

For best results, listen to it in the dark!

Absolutely free download and streaming at the link below:


Album(s) Launch

Coming soon… the reissue of ‘Behemoth/Juggernaut’, originally released in 2007. With it will be a companion album of outtakes from the era as well as new tracks in a similar style. Stay tuned, Bureaucrats!